So my big, exciting news is that I am GOING to the EXTERNSHIP in May!!!!  Parelli was generous enough to offer me a partial scholarship which allowed me to be able to attend this course!  If you're interested in donating to the scholarship fund so others may achieve their dreams at the Parelli ranch visit the Parelli Institute website for information! This year is all about BIG things, BIG plans, BIG dreams!!

One of the main components in my ability to dream big and go for it is the support I've received from my family and friends, and my Parelli instructor Jenny Trainor.  Support is such a huge key to success and I am so thankful that I've got bundles of it!

By the end of this year I will be a Parelli instructor!  Wow!  I can't wait to start helping others have more fun and more success with their horses!

Also, here are my quick notes from day 1 of the first 7 day challenge for Aspen's truer understanding of the weave and Z4/5 driving. I wanted to do the riding part as well today but I washed my pad and it wasn't dry in time! :( To begin the weave I set out 4 barrels about 5.5 strides apart and used the feather line. I did my best to look ahead and focus where I wanted her to go and send my energy forward. I tried to do less weaving of my own feet while being more particular about where Aspen put her own feet. We continued the pattern until it became a little easier and she blew out and licked and chewed. It was mostly at the walk today but I think that with the focus on the quality of her understanding it really helped make small steps toward more calmness, connection, and responsiveness. My focus and intent combined with less micromanagement really allowed Aspen the opportunity to figure out the pattern without me robbing her of the learning experience.  

I also did some of the driving and we're really doing well with transitions and yielding away from me but turning toward me requires a lot of feel on the rope and her drifting away from me... Increasing the speed a little as I turn away from her helps her stick with me a little but we'll have to keep playing with it.