7 Day Plan: Understanding

Happy New Years!!

Have you made any resolutions for 2013?  What are your horsemanship goals?  This year I have made a commitment to make these next 12 months about me!  Pushing my limits, stepping out of my comfort zone, exceeding my own expectations, and progressing with my horsemanship and professional goals within in Parelli!  I want 2013 to be different than that last couple of years which, to be honest, have been a little stagnant.

I have some exciting things to share with you later but for now I wanted to post my 7 day plan with Aspen and what I hope to accomplish by doing it.

I passed Level 3 in August at the Parelli ranch so now it's time to really push toward some Level 4 goals and clean up the quality of some of the basics in the the first 3 levels.  My three weakest areas are the weave, long line/zone 5 driving, and cantering freestyle.  All of these areas have issues in the impulsion department - we lose the calm (therefore the connection and responsiveness) and after that it's all downhill as we begin the wrestling match to control her emotions.

For the next 7 times I play with Aspen the goal will be her understanding of the patterns.  I will work on the weave by: interrupting her pattern to run off around the end cones, wait for her to give me "yes's", and stick with it until she becomes calm, connected, and responsive.  Moving the cones closer together than they currently are will create more bend sooner and less space for her to gain momentum between them.  I will start the weave back at the walk with the hopes for trot by the end of the week.  For long lining/Z5 driving: work on stopping on the rail without the rein, transitions off the fence at the walk and trot, and the F8 at the walk.  Hoping to gain calmness and connection through consistency.  As for riding at the canter: do walk/trot transitions on the fence with corners pattern to warm up then do cloverleaf - canter one leaf, drop to walk, trot second leaf, canter third leaf, drop to walk, trot last leaf.  Do this until it becomes easy and softer with relaxation (calmness).

I'll post progress reports on here and a video at the end of the week! :)