Got some gorgeous sunset and moon rising photos today while spending some undemanding time with Aspen!  :)

Had a heck of a time getting her bandage off - she really hates that sound and feel of the tape being pulled off but after a while I got it done - just took lots of friendly game, passive persistence in the proper position, and a few firm reminders she couldn't bulldoze me over.  Cut looks good - got the powder on it from the vet... now it's just a matter of waiting and praying that the proud flesh wont overtake the wound again.  If anyone has any suggestions or feedback please feel free to leave a comment or email me! :)

Cows across the road

Oliver :)
Denali our Corgi is to the left int he grass, I believe all these cows belong to La Cense which is way off in the distance.

Riders in the distance moving cattle

Some of the dogs, L to R, Bonner, Spartagus, & Bandit

Aspen's pasture (part of it)

Aspen with ghost ears! lol
Sunet, this is looking towards the Matador ranch - to my right is La Cense.

Looking down the road toward La Cense.

Moon rising