Good Ride - Great Play!

So I am doing a *happy dance* right now as I write this!  Aspen was so, so, so wonderful!  Everything we played with today was a direct reflection of how we did yesterday.  Everything just flowed better, all the games were done with more quality, and I could see her looking for the patterns and getting it! I had to be careful not to get greedy while I was playing with her - I could feel myself wanting to push to do it again and again because I was having so much fun!  While I was visiting with my friend Will (who came out to meet Aspen today) she went over to one of the jumps, knocked part of it down, then offered to jump it herself, turn, face, and come back to me! Really cool (and kinda funny too!)!

Also, big news, as far as riding!  Today she got right up next to the fence and stayed there.  As I put a leg over her she thought about leaving so I did some approach and retreat until she was confident.  When I sat down on her she lifted her head a bit but no dragon face/grumpy ears, I laterally flexed her and offered her a carrot (that's always a winning idea with Aspen!).  Will was standing near us when I got on her and she offered to follow him.  She went with him, stopping when he stopped, with a very positive expression!  I was really pleased!  It was our first ride that felt relaxed, confident, soft, and happy!  Yay!  Can't wait to build on this!

Will is not familiar with horses so while we were out there I explained to him some basic things about horse behavior and why I was doing what I was doing with her, how it was all coming together in her mind, to build to bigger things.  I know 100% that everything in me wants to do this for a living.  I want to share horses and Parelli with others so they may have the same success that I have achieved so far through the program.  I am SO excited to sign up for a fast track next year! I only wish I could get there sooner!  Thank you Parelli for everything I've learned so far!!!