More Positive Expressions!

View from above.

Positive expression when I got on!

Another good day of playing the games and making progress!  Going down my checklist in the levels and I really need a pedestal! 

Aspen is definitely alert to things that are unfamiliar and tends to get her emotions up a bit if I ask her to move her feet too fast.  I found a good balance today of refocusing her when she became unconfident by matching her energy and directing it with repetition.  I worked hard on maintaining neutral after I asked her to do something.  I drew little circles in the sand everywhere so I could have a visual of where I needed to be.  Amazing how much drift my feet have without my brain being aware of it!  Wouldn't you know that when I found a good, solid, clean  neutral Aspen was able to respond much better and apply herself to the patterns much more effectively.  I'm going to be bringing out the hula hoop for me to stand in next time! 

I just need to mostly work on the proper use of my phases, a true neutral, and being consistent in my direction, support, and releases.

I love how progressive this program is! :) :)

Did I mention that it was sunny, 40 degrees, and NO WIND?!  Sooooooooo nice and refreshing!  I hope we see more of this weather again soon!