Another great day!

Aspen was great again today!  We built on the wonderful session we had yesterday!  She was very light, responsive, and interested!!  I set up two different kinds of jumps, two barrels for the figure 8 pattern, and an L shaped set up of logs for her to back through or go sideways over.  She put a good feel in all the way down the rope while we were playing, offering to put the slack in it herself.  Lots of licking and chewing, and some really good deep breaths/blowing.  While I was setting up the obstacles for us she followed me around and sneakily destroyed everything I put up as soon as I walked away from it.  I'm going to have to build stronger obstacles/jumps or little miss curiosity is going to continue to knock them down/roll them out of place/pick them up when I'm not looking! :)

Until I can figure out how to embed videos again (temporary brain fart here!) check out my new YouTube channel at:

The only videos I have up are from this afternoon, taken with my cell phone, in a lot of wind.  I'm still working on that new video camera and tripod idea! But for now you can take a quick peek at Aspen in motion! :)