Warming up a Left Brain Horse w/ 4-Star Parelli Professional Ryan Rose

Great video from 4-Star Senior Parelli Professional Ryan Rose discussing warming up the Left Brain Horse.  Ryan "over agrees" with his horse's ideas to help him let go of his "druthers" and become more connected to Ryan's ideas and direction.

This works for Right Brain horses as well with the "no brace" and "let me help you run off all that adrenaline" attitude.  When Aspen needs to move her feet because she's feeling especially RBE I always try to have a, "Great! Let me help you move your feet...over that log, over the jump, between the barrels, onto the pedestal, sideways down the fence, etc...." until the thinking side of her brain kicks in and she can begin acting like a partner again.

The "let me help you" attitude will have a different techniques and strategies when dealing with Left Brain and Right Brain horses, but the goal is the same - calm, confident, connected!

Right Brain - running, around, kicking at the wind.

You need to move your feet?  Please do!  Over these barrels! 
And keeping moving them faster and faster!
Until you've run off your adrenaline and feel like a partner again!