Update :)

I feel like it has been ages since I've sat down and written anything.  Lots of small updates on my Parelli Connect page (search Aspen and me there if you're a member!) but no big entries.

I started my new job at Parelli Central in the Professionals Department in September.  It's been so much fun getting to know everyone in the office!  I have especially enjoyed working with the team in the Professionals Department - Tina, Gale and Ashley.  They've been so welcoming, patient, and supportive of me in my new position.

Being in touch with so many Parelli Professionals every day constantly reminds me of the dedication and passion that they have for their horsemanship and their students.  There are exciting things brewing in the Professionals Department!! :)

Aspen has been mostly good lately.  We've had some issues with her choking on grain over the last month... seems to be an issue with her being too dry - as far as not enough blood and bodily fluids and therefore she's become prone to choking on small particles.  This explains why it's just grain (soaked or not) and not choking on hay.  I got some herbs from the vet to see if we can build her blood and fluids back up... Meh.

We've been playing with new jumps - and being more particular about rhythm and relaxation.  I feel like I'm totally stalled out on my riding progress, but everyone keeps telling me that always happens right before a big breakthrough.  I can't expect too much progress given my new schedule at work and the weather - it limits my time and opportunity to ride greatly during the winter months.  I just can't wait for spring - I cannot wait to film and pass my last two Savvys in Level 4!!

Merry belated Christmas!

Here are a couple photos I've taken recently.  Enjoy :)

Pony selfie!!!