Notes from this weekend :)  Videos to follow!!!

Zone Five Driving (November 2006 Savvy Club DVD)

  • Roll coil @ Z1 to turn
  • Step behind the horse to turn toward, release indirect (top) rein and draw on direct rein (low)
  • To turn away step out toward eye, push Z1 with direct (low) rein and draw down on indirect (top) rein
  • Use rope on side of body to create a wall for keeping straight or sideways
Relax Rein
  • Keep elbow at side, bring the rein to your hand - close fingers slowly and put bend in horse
  • Horse should stretch up in withers and down/straight with neck and nose
  • The goal is a blow out and relaxation
Working Trot
  • Ideal rhythm is to song "Hey Mickey"
  • Trot fast enough that horse wants to put her head down and stretch
  • Back should lift and movement should be free and springy 
Canter Fluidity
  • In my body it should be sternum, withers (base of my neck), to poll (top of my head) - up and forward, poll should be leading the canter
  • Hands should be kept close to body for balance and to alleviate shoulder pinching
  • Canter forward, expand upper back, and have a "go, go" motion in body
  • My body should stretch with each leap of the canter
Suspension Rein
  • Use for helping horse get off the forehand and for shaping
  • Reins are for shaping and should be considered neutral
  • Bring rein to hand with elbow at side and lift hand (hinged at elbow) straight up as much as needed for flexion
  • Looking for withers to life and horse to shape - nose not pushing up or out
  • Shape horse before asking for the canter - ask, hold, wait for shape, release at canter
  • Shape horse before asking for the trot - shape, sit and ask for downward transition, hold suspension rein in the trot until horse comes up in front and nose isn't up or out