2012 Parelli Performance Summit Photo Highlights

Pat Parelli & Slider

Berin Macfarlane and some of the Atwood babies

Linda Parelli & Hot Jazz

Adency & I at the Summit

Amy Book Bower's mare, Sapphire



Lillan Roquet (Santana), Colleen Kelly (Zen), Marion Oesch (Whisper), & Lyndsey Fitch (Tari)

Clay Maier

Clay Maier

Ryan Rose

Kristi Smith with Maxi and Satori

Kristi Smith

Linda Parelli & Highland

Marion Oesch & Allure, Linda Parelli & Highland

Marion with Allure & Linda Parelli

Lillan Roquet

Kalley Krickeberg

Caton Parelli

Caton Parelli