Fast Track Week 1

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted here since the Fast Track began on Monday (8/13).  The days are long and time is short when it comes to writing in the evenings.  This first week has been great and I am so glad we're finally getting ready to get into the learning part of the course.  Testing was Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday followed by some theory and demos on Thursday and Friday (today).  I have lots of notes and thoughts to write here for you but I left my notebook in my pickup and I am too tired and wimpy feeling to braze the parking lot at night to get it.  We have a resident bear at our condo that likes to pick through the trash bins next to where I park and as much as I love to look at him out the window I don't fancy meeting him face to face anytime soon :) 

So instead I'll post some pictures of the last week and tomorrow I'll write in more detail!