Such a beautiful day - not too hot, not too windy, and not too rainy! :D  I started the afternoon off with Aspen by letting her graze and spending some undemanding time with her while I ran through my flash cards for Fast Track studying.

I really love this sweet horse - I always want to throw my arms around her  or bring her home and snuggle with her on the couch while watching a movie.... but then remember she's 1200lbs of prey animal and snuggling on my couch is probably not her idea of fun or comfort!  I try my best not to treat her like one of my dogs and just let her be and be with her without constantly looking at her or touching her or doing something.  Be still.  Something I'm trying to do more of in other areas of my life, just to be still and listen, and to simply be by being present in my mind and body.

Aspen really offered a lot today on-line.  We warmed up by cleaning up the sideways game at the walk, on the fence with my feather line.  She really lags her hind quarters and isn't doing a true sideways so I want to help get that a little better on the fence before playing with it much more off the fence.

We moved onto using the Game of Effort with our canter circles.  What a smart horse she is!  I'm seriously considering putting her on a talent show for her uncanny ability to count!  She knows exactly how many laps she needs to do before she's met her goal and can stop.  Getting great expression and draw and lots of effort with the canter laps.  I even got one send today with her leaving at the canter! Wow!

Jumped the barrels standing upright twice - her first one she knocked one down and the second jump she aimed for it and cleared it powerfully so we just quit there.  Asked for the F8 at the trot, she offered it at the canter, and got her FLC's both ways!  Holy cow this horse was on fire today!! Good fire - not crazy fire! :) :)

Hopped on and used Steady Rein for stretching at the trot and then asked for the canter once each way and quit when I got blowing out and stretching and less rushing.  Overall a great ride even though it was short!

I turned her out in the field to graze when Emma arrived so I could help her with her horse who is hard to bridle, lead, steer, or stop.  Within a few minutes we had the mare bridling with her head down and seeking the bit with a treat and keeping her head down so we could take it off - even Emma got to try it and was successful!  Also taught Emma how to use lateral flexion for stopping her horse and a better way to steer a little.  Once the mare could yield to the halter for lateral flexion turning her became much easier :)  Definitely want to keep up the bridling exercise and the LF for 7 days and see how awesome she gets by the end of it!

Went back out to the big field to get Aspen, brought her in, groomed her and hung out while Emma and I ate some cherries.  Aspen was begging like a dog for the cherries - tried giving us her cutest face to get a cherry and when that didn't work began doing the Spanish Walk! lol When I put her back into her pen I watched her for a while and for minutes (maybe 10?) she licked and chewed and yawned... how interesting??  Wonder what she was thinking about or if there was some hidden adrenaline anywhere??  Perhaps going out on the back pasture to graze by herself had got her blood up a bit, other than that she was totally bottom-lip-hanging-calm today.

Hanging out while I study for the Fast Track!

Emma & her mare, Bobette.