Parelli Levels Auditions, OL L3 / FS L2

Hi everyone! :)  Here are my quick and dirty levels auditions that I submitted last week on the 4th!  Had to get them done to send in with time for evaluation before my Fast Track.  I don't think it's really a sample of our best work together but overall I am really happy with how hard Aspen was trying to please!

We hauled from Dillon to Bozeman (100 miles) to meet up with Jenny, my 3* PP, who offered to video these for me.  When I got there for my lesson and taping it was 90 degrees and raining off and on - talk about muggy!  We battled some bugs and a super itchy Aspen who just wanted to lay down and roll as well as the inevitable new-environment-syndrome (aka spooking) at times.  But we got to play with the pedestal for the first time EVER and Aspen was so proud of herself when she got up there!  Great expression and question ears :)  We also cleaned up the weave at the trot - which I've been neglecting some.  I think we did really well with some tasks and in others - such as sideways in my freestyle - I was surprised that it kind of fell apart.  I guess that's why it's a challenge - we ride and play with live animals not 4-wheelers that are the same and consistent day in and day out.  

It was a great day of learning and really put my organization and mental tact to the test once the camera turned on!  Just knowing that someone is filming you and you're going to be submitting it for evaluation was like taking final exams in school all over again!  Silly nerves!  So anyway, great to check out my emotional fitness in that regard. 

Since I've been back from Bozeman I've only just gotten to ride Aspen once - which was yesterday - and we had a great time together!  Played OL first, the weave was really good - so awesome to have such drastic improvement after some help with Jenny, and we got flying lead changes in the F8 pattern.  I wasn't asking for the canter but she offered it and was maintaining the pattern so I just let her go for it - WOW!  Where was that piece of awesomeness on audition day?? ;)

Riding was super fun too, I'm really noticing a change in Aspen under saddle.  I feel more of a connection to me - like she's not just tolerating me on her back but she's noticing and feeling me on her and trying to work with me.  We did some walking weave with my CS and then I did a passenger lesson at the trot using Steady Rein to help her stretch.  Once we had that we worked on some JUMPING! So fun and she was a super star!  And then ended with our canter work which was mostly relaxed and head down/level the entire time.  Ahhh - I just love this!!!!!!!!  I love having fun with my horse and I really feel like she enjoys it too! :D

I love your comments and support on my videos and blog posts - sometimes they show up here, sometimes in my video comments section, and sometimes on my Parelli Connect page - and it always makes me happy to know that others are out there appreciating my journey and experiencing some of the same struggles and triumphs with their own horses.

And by the way....Only about a month left before Fast Track!!!!!!!!!!!