Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (On Line, 90 mins) I brought the puppies and their pen with me to the barn today not thinking that it would cause every horse to go RBE when they saw it. Aspen was all kinds of worried and snorty over it, so for about 20 minutes we played with approach and retreat with the use of a forward/backing in a turn pattern. Pretty soon she got real calm, started thinking about the pattern and less about the puppies, and was able to just chill out.

I brought her into the arena with plans to improve both of our skills with the 45' line. She was totally awesome and has a great backup and sideways to the end of the rope with my feet staying still. We did a few laps of F8 and then went into the pasture and played with traveling circles, changes of direction, and backing all the way up to the arena and through the gate from 45' away. I am SO excited and impressed with how much blowing out and stretching was happening while doing circles at the trot and canter on the 45'. :) :) Can't wait to play with it again tomorrow!!!