Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (Liberty, 15 mins) Saw Aspen yesterday but the weather was going to storm so I just brushed her and fed her her grain while protecting our little herd of two from the other horses. Cleaned out her feet at Liberty but really had to play with the right hind (the injured leg). Over the past few months I've really reinforced NOT to pick up that leg no matter what I'm doing to it - removing bandaging, washing, or applying meds. So now she refuses to pick her hoof up for cleaning. So at Liberty we played with that - it made it interesting for me to find a way to keep her feet still and not have her walk away from me while I tried to pick up her leg. Once she finally relaxed and allowed me to pick up that hoof I gave her a good rub then began moseying toward the water tank. She followed me there, took a drink, then followed back, she was so sticky to me that I then did some HQ/FQ yields, and sideways, then did some Z5 driving at Liberty with all the other horses around out in the open. It was AWESOME. :) We've only played with it two or three times OL so I was very impressed how responsive she was at Liberty! :) :) Aspen is so wonderful! Had some great backing by the tail and Spanish Walk too! Yay for Aspen! ♥