Woo Hoo to Oh No!

Had so much fun with Aspen today - played with a better quality circle on-line for a while until she really put effort into keeping even slack in the rope all the way around. Started to play at liberty and was having a lot of fun then at one point she ran to the other end of the arena so I put a little pressure on her hips and she spun around and came galloping to me! I dodged left, then right, then left and with each dodge she did flying lead changes anticipating which way I was going. She came right up to me then exuberantly reared up into the air, exactly something you'd see on a movie, it was a beautiful rear, then she touched down and did it again going straight up, up, up and over!! She flipped over and as gracefully as a horse can fell oer backward! She got up and was quite shaken, ran around for a minute then ran back to me, licking, chewing, yawning, shaking her head - just trying to come off all this adrenaline! :( :( I felt SO bad for her! Here she was offering to play with me, becoming confident and enthusiastic, and then she falls over! :( I felt all down her back and her withers, and had her move around and she looks fine but I still feel terrible for her. I didn't know what to do so I took off her bareback pad, brushed her down, then took her out to graze in the big field for a while. I'm sad the moment went so quickly from woo hoo! to oh no! :(