Riding my wild and crazy horse...oh wait, I mean my fat, lazy horse that just wants to eat. :)  Who can blame her?!  If you put me in a field full of twice baked potatoes I wouldn't want to do anything but stuff my face either! :)

Check out our progress on Parelli Connect!  Lots of updates and photos there too!

(On Line, 90 mins) Had a great time playing the 7 games with more quality on the 12' line, then moved up to the 22' to play again with straighter circles as well as the weave and figure-8 pattern. Had a very nice, relaxing time together. Aspen struggled going to the left on the circle for a bit, not drfting and pulling out but eventually realized that by putting slack in the rope and making a slightly smaller circle she could be more comfortable and then find the release by coming in to me.

(Freestyle, 30 mins) Played with FTR, weave, and figure-8 in the arena. She had lots of pull toward the gates so we tried to find more rest in the middle of the arena. Then went and rode around in the pasture, alternating between grazing and trotting around to random patches of alfalfa. Also ran through the irrigation handline to cool off! :) She was having so much fun she kept refusing to ride back toward her paddock! Flattering, but still would like to see her not brace against me at any point in time.