All This Wind!

Haven't seen Aspen all week!  Due in part to a very busy work schedule and in part to all this sub-zero weather and WIND!  I can handle one or the other but the combination is making it miserable and near impossible to get anything done!  My savvy string practically turns into a weapon in the extreme wind we've been having!  I have so many things I want to start playing with...patience is just not my forte right now!  Being cooped up indoors has given me plenty of opportunity to review a lot of my DVDs and material that I haven't seen in a while.

I got my February issue of the Savvy Times and I just LOVED this issue!  Julia Ryman-Bell wrote an article titled An Introvert in an Extrovert's World discussing just that - how Right-Brain Introverts struggle and succeed in a "world that appears to spotlight the Left-Brain Extrovert".  I really appreciated her insight here, I could identify with everything she said about being RBI (I'd say I'm RBI in new environments and learning situations, and LBI in most others).  It was so nice to have that reassurance that the positive traits an RBI can bring to the table are invaluable, and are often sought out by others.  Thank you Julia for helping us expand our understanding and comfort zone in an LBE world! :)

Problems Versus Progress written by Linda Parelli was also one of my favorites here.  It was a rundown of the Horsenalities again but it touched more deeply on displaced behaviors with a very helpful model showing how to better assess the distance between problems and progress. 

The last article I REALLY appreciated was Teri Sprague's The Stages of Learning.  Outlining the stages of learning and the phases within the phases!  The four stages are Teaching, Controlling, Reinforcing, and Refining.  I highly recommend this article to anyone practicing PNH.

I couldn't post today without a mention of Road to the Horse.  Congratulations Chris Cox!  I didn't get to watch RTTH but followed closely through others' facebook and blog posts, youtube, and lots of photos.  So proud of both Pat and Chris!  Usually a competition can only have one winner - but today not only did we have Chris come out as the RTTH champion but both his and Pat's horses were winners as well.  :)  Check out lots of photos at the RTTH facebook page!

If you haven't checked out Parelli Connect yet - click on the link and sign up for your free 30 day membership!  Access to lots of videos online and all of the Level 1 DVD footage too!  Great for progress tracking, very motivating, in a positive and progressive format!  When you sign up be sure to find both Aspen's and my page!  

Cross your fingers for some better weather on my end!!!