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"Dynamite's Shared Vision is to improve the lives of all creatures by empowering people with the truth and knowledge about health. Learn about Dynamite's unique philosophy of holistic nutritional science that drives our business and what inspires us every day to carry on this vision."

"about us

Dynamite's vision is to improve the lives of all creatures by empowering people with the truth and knowledge about health. Backed by over 80 years of experience in holistic nutritional science, we formulate, manufacture and market nutraceuticals for all species. We have a completely different approach to health that, if applied, will improve the lives of you and your animals.

a company like none other

In 1982 our founder, Jim Zamzow, a lifelong student of nutrition, soil science, microbiology, mycology, and herbal medicine, recognized and decided to fill a need in the animal supplement industry. His vision, that still holds today, is to improve the lives of all living creatures. The scope of Jim's vision has grown from horses and dogs to the full spectrum of "creatures" on this planet--from your beloved household pet and your competition animals, to animals in the wild and microbes that live in our soil. Of course, and maybe most importantly, our vision includes the lives of people, caretakers of the earth, upon whom all these creatures are dependent. Dynamite cares about yourhealth, the health of your animals, and the health of your planet. 
Today the traditions, values, and standards that this company was originally built on are faithfully being upheld by a team of people who understand our vision, fully embrace it, and are inspired by it. Our products are unparalleled in the industry. Our focus is on an uncompromised quality in all aspects of formulation, packaging, and manufacturing. We have developed a unique line of products using a deeply ingrained philosophy of innovation guided by nature and backed by science.
Dynamite partners with word-of-mouth, independent distributors that are charged with empowering people with the truth and knowledge about health. This team of knowledgeable consultants are able to communicate our unique approach to health thereby improving lives one-by-one across the country. 
Dynamite is a family-owned business built on a dedication to hard work, quality products, and unsurpassed customer service. This attitude is carried forward by every person on the Dynamite team."

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