New DYNAMITE website!

As a Dynamite Distributor it would be a privilege to help you achieve your goals of a healthier lifestyle! I have been a Dynamite Distributor for 7+ years and stand by their products - every single one of them! If you're interested in trying any of their vitamin and mineral supplements for you or your animals please go to my website link above. It is now easier than ever to place an order - no order forms or emails through me, you can do it directly via my Dynamite websiteand your purchase will still support me. Of course if you have any questions at all please feel free to email me! This is the BEST way to get a shiny, healthy, athletic horse or dog and a great way for you to achieve optimal health through supplementation. 

The horse pictured below is a Thoroughbred I got off the track.  Before Dynamite he had a rough, dull, orange coat and feet that were so neglected he was dead lame and they would bleed for months anytime he got a trim.  After being on Dynamite's basic program of vitamins and free choice minerals, plus the hoof supplement for a short time, he turned into this glossy, dappled horse you see below.  He was barefoot and sound in the mountains of Montana and you could see your reflection in his fur.  He is my favorite personal example of success and thriving through Dynamite.

Email with questions