Equine Body Work / Massage

I had 3* Mattie Cowherd out yesterday to help with saddle fit and body work on Aspen as well as a trim.  Got some really good input about why and where she's sore and how to help her with some stretching... Tried the stretching myself today with her and didn't have as much success... either wasn't quite in the right spot or wasn't using enough pressure.  I'm sure it will get easier and I'll be more successful with practice!

Mattie also had me get on and reminded me to keep my ankles loose (shock absorbers) stretch my legs down, to push back at the knee and to keep my right leg long and back to help Aspen with her posture  so my saddle will be less likely to dump off to the left.  Couldn't believe that 5 minutes of riding using muscles that I don't usually use in the saddle made me sore today!

Definitely going to be looking into Pilates for Dressage and some body work/massage books for horses.  Anyone have any recommendations of therapists or authors they have had success with?

Here are some photos of Aspen today so I can keep track of her posture progress... I know she isn't square... she just doesn't like to stand that way for very long...yet!

Aspen Spanish Walking for a sip of coffee ;)