Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (On Line, 45 mins) Started slowly with Aspen OL yesterday - she was feeling a little introverted and so we just took our time warming up. Played with a few jumps, a few F8's, and then went into the pasture and played with more laps on the 45' line and changes of direction. Really been focusing on more canter. She did great!

Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (Freestyle, 30 mins) Aspen wasn't quite as relaxed and stretchy today under saddle as the last time - is it me or her that's causing this?? Once we got more relaxation and rhythm then I got to play with asking her for the canter again!!! :) :) Did it three times the same direction as last time and twice the other direction (left) - got her leads every time! A little swishy in the tail but she felt more forward and less bunched up than last time. I am very excited about this progress!!