Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (On Line, 45 mins) Started my new schedule of tasks I created - I did about 5 weeks worth of progressive activities. The first week or 7 days includes extreme friendly game with the ball, F8's @ the trot on 22' line, focusing on maintaining the trot around both markers, and FS follow the rail at the trot with a focus on relaxation and rhythm. Aspen did really well with the ball, I can approach her with it bouncing (kind of low bounces since it's not inflated all the way), put it anywhere on her body and bounce it a little off her. Needs more confidence with the ball on her neck and on the ground by her legs and under her. At one point the ball rolled under her belly and instead of panicking she figured how to sidepass over the ball to get free. She was a little worried but didn't lose it.
Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (Freestyle, 15 mins) Today was FTR with relaxation, somewhat hard to do given all the slick ice in patches along the rail but she was really relaxed and in fact a bit lazy (nice change for her). Our ride today was in my new-to-me/used Fluidity saddle! Loved it!!! :) :) Need to play with shimming pattern a bit but overall she seemed comfortable in it and I felt so much more secure and connected!