Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (On Line, 90 mins) Aspen got trimmed today and was the best she's ever been for the farrier. We didn't get her right hind trimmed as her cut was too sore to pick up her hoof high enough.

Played with leading by the front legs and hind legs and, after speaking with Jenny Trainor who provided some good insight, got some much nicer changes of direction on the circle and improved figure-8's. :) Got a change of direction at the trot @ liberty, and introduced the umbrella as a new item in our friendly game. It absolutely horrified her pasture mates who after a moment of shock and awe took off running away form the arena! She was really curious about it, wanted to small it and put it in her mouth. :)

After that I tried to get her to pose with me with some reindeer antlers on... it goes without saying that she was not impressed by this. I got a few cute pictures of us though :)