Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (Liberty, 15 mins) Filmed some liberty today. We played with sideways, stick to me (w/t/c), and backing by the tail and hind legs. We haven't played with any of this at liberty really before the the backing by the legs/tail was only her second try ever at it (first was on-line a couple days ago). So while there is much to improve on I am SO pleased with her draw and try!! Especially since we were in the big arena and there's grass in places she can get to and eat. So proud of my little lady :) :) :) Video to follow on youtube!

Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (On Line, 60 mins) Had a great time playing on-line today, had some really nice circles and figure-8's and our weave at the trot is finally improving. Sideways without a fence was awesome. Used the Feather Line today and really, really love it.

Aspen did have 2 minor spooks and 1 tantrum. The first spook was set off by another horse spooking outside of the arena - got her all hot, had her tail waving around in the air and snorting. The second spook was when she was cantering on a circle and kicked a little sand at the bucket - the noise about gave her a heart attack. The tantrum was short lived and kind of funny. She was cantering on the circle and tried to come in toward me so I gently pointed out on the circle again (didn't even raise my stick) - well she tossed her head and leaped up into the air and then kicked her hind legs out... just like those white Lipizzaner stallions, landed and kept cantering like no big deal. Silly girl :) Though I don't like her leaping and bucking I do like to see her playful, engaged, and confident.