Match Report

I did my first Horsenality/Humanality/Match Report last night and stayed up WAY past my bed time reading it all.  It was wonderful! :) I'll definitely be writing about it after I've had some time to absorb all that information, but for now I thought it'd be fun to share with you the general findings of the report :)

*Right-Brain Introvert Axis Point Score
Most people find that their Humanality result falls clearly in one of the four quadrants. However, you
scored near the axis of the profile chart, close to where the vertical and horizontal lines meet. This is
fairly unusual. You always knew you were special, right? In your case, your “big blue dot” fell just barely in the Right-Brain Introvert quadrant and very close to the axis intersection. This is called a Right-Brain Introvert Axis Point score (RBI-CP).