Wanted to share with you that Parelli Saddles is now on YouTube - check them out at: www.youtube.com/user/ParelliSaddles !

Aspen's leg still looking pretty good.  Not much change, here area few photos from today.

Aspen trying to hide behind the barn door.  If I can't see her then perhaps I'd just forget to clean her leg altogether! haha - silly mare!  With a little coaxing and a promise of an apple she came in the barn and was the perfect patient! :)

Also, since Aspen's out of commission for a lot of active playing we're thinking about filming a few little savvy tips and standstill games and posting them on here.  :)  I've got a new camera and a lot of time to spend standing around with Aspen so might as well capitalize on the opportunity to play with the 'small' stuff.