Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (On Line, 30 mins) Wow - after that great session with Aspen and Jenny on Friday Aspen has really gotten down the figure-8 pattern. She was just *doing* it! It was great, she was on the pattern, focused, relaxed, and didn't get stuck in the right corner once. We also played with some circling game looking for rhythm, relaxation, and connection.

Samantha Thorning with Aspen, (Freestyle, 30 mins) Rode bareback today since I can't bring myself to ride in my saddle after riding in the Parelli saddle :) Played with partial disengagement and a million transitions (walk/trot). Got some good trot strides that felt really nice. Can't wait to see how she feels after another 5 or so times of doing this. I felt really safe and connected on her as well. She was very confident even in the screaming wind - which neither of us hardly noticed as we were having so much fun together. :)