Played some various forms of the squeeze game today.  Aspen is still struggling with the barrels (going in between or over) so we played with those, my regular jump, backing through the gate, and a hanging tarp in a small 'door way', which was a new one.  She wasn't frightened of the tarp, went right up and sniffed it and rubbed her head on it, but was unsure about going under and when she did she squirted through.  After a few repeatitions and some approach and retreat she was calmly walking under the tarp so I let it hang lower and she calmly walked under that as well!! :)

Also go on bareback with one rein/carrot stick today.  First time using the carrot stick while riding her and it went great.  Did basic FTR, change of direction, and backing.  :)  Really excited to keep progressing!!