On-Line, Sweaty & Left Brain

Today was a great day - I feel like I say that a lot on here! :)  Showed up to play with Aspen this afternoon and it was just so beautiful and peaceful out there.  All the horses felt calm and centered, the wind was still, the sun was out, the sky was so blue, and the mountains had whips of whimsical little clouds over their tops suggesting some late afternoon rainfall.  Ahhh, Montana.  Where else can you leave your house and be right in the middle of nature?  Right in the middle of harmony with the earth?  Right in the middle of such vast beauty with the backdrop of an ever changing sky?  I have never had so many breath taking moments as I've had in Montana - and most of them just minutes outside my house.  If you haven't seen Montana in person to take all her beauty in then you must plan a trip to see it!

Aspen met me at the gate today with a few new mystery cuts on her face and neck... wonder where she's getting these little nicks and scrapes from?  We did a quick run through of the 7 games on the 12' line and then moved on to the 22' where we played with traveling circles, purity of gait, and maintaining a good circle with an obstacle for a longer period of time.  I used various obstacles as resting points which encouraged a big Touch-It from her and lots of licking and chewing.  We also played with sideways from a greater distance without a fence and sideways at a faster pace with a fence - both with great success.  We ended our time together in the pasture, doing traveling canter circles with periodic rests/grazing as we worked our way from once fence line and back.  She did great.  I'd like to see her keep a more 'straight circle' and leave the same amount of slack in the line for the entire circumference of the circle.  I'd also really like to see her become more physically balanced in the canter but I suppose that will come with additional fitness in her physical, mental, and emotional self.  I think my favorite thing about today is that she stayed LB the WHOLE time we played together, even doing lots of cantering which normally gets her blood up a bit and can cause her to easily tip into being a little RB.  She got nice and sweaty for the first time in a long time from actually playing with me, not getting all worked up out of fear and going RB.

We didn't ride again today because I'm waiting still for a few stitches to come out of my leg...can't wait to get back in the saddle! :)

I'm in the market for a big horse ball, a 2 horse BP trailer, and an original L3 pack (the VHS one).  I'd also like a Frank Baines Enduro or Parelli All Purpose saddle - but that might have to wait a bit.  I'm also planning on going to Colorado for a 2012 Fast Track - if anyone who's reading this is planning on the same thing let me know and perhaps we can either ride share or at least get to know each other a bit before the class!

All these cows were in the pasture grazing when I pulled off the road to let my dogs get a drink in the creek.  Before I knew it the whole herd (and one little calf!) had come over to investigate. :)