Ride, Ride, Ride :)

Days like today make me happy! :)  Aspen came in from her pasture to meet me at the gate again where I grained her and put my bareback pad on her before going out into the big back pasture.  We did a few circles to check out her wiggle meter, which was at a zero, so I just hopped on! :)  We grazed in the pasture for about 30 minutes exploring all the far corners and hanging out with the other horses before heading into the arena.  There I did lots of trotting - no negative reaction at all, just not very relaxed yet.  I really have a new focus on developing her softness in the halter.  We played some touch-it and did some figure-8's and circles and she did great! :)

My view from her back while grazing in the pasture.

Aspen trying to sneak into the tack room while I wasn't looking! :)