Blowing and Breathing

Had a great short morning with Aspen today.  My friend Will came out to see her so we played a few ground games on-line and she was looking very rideable so I tacked her up and hopped on.  We played some Touch-It with a few items and then moved into a trot.  She did lots of blowing and breathing while I was on her which was a great step forward for us!  Her head was still up a bit but we're making progress! :)  Should have had Will take some pictures but I didn't even think about it!  :(  She felt great though and I am so excited that we are making headway on our Level 2 freestyle tasks. 

I think the one thing I need to improve is having more of a plan when I get on - even if it's just a plan to do a passenger lesson.  I need to stick to one thing - not switch between maybe a passenger lesson, and maybe some circles, and maybe this or that.  Leaders have plans! :)