Didn't quite get to blogging yesterday but did spend some time with Aspen and had a trailer to play with!  I spent a little time in the arena warming up and doing as many trailer simulations as I could come up with using my limited set of items.  I had her back over a pole, back between two barrels standing up, various squeeze games, driving from Z3, and tapping her feet to pick them up.  She was quite interested in the trailer but it was a TINY 2 horse straight load and she gave me a look that said she was pretty sure she wasn't going to fit her big boned, curvy, Thoroughbred frame in there.  We did get head and neck and one foot which was more than enough for me.  Can't blame her for not wanting to jump in, it's like taking a newbie jumper and expecting them to leap the tallest jump first.  We need to practice with a larger trailer (easier) and then progress to an itsy bitsy trailer.  :)

Spent about an hour with her grazing on the lawn and admiring her beauty.  Wishing I could just sit on her while she grazed, alas, that will come in time.