Photos With Me In Them, Finally! :)

My boyfriend, Matt, trying to figure out how to ask Aspen to put her foot in the tire.

Aspen following Matt after the little tire experiment. 

Here are a few of the photos I took yesterday.  Aspen was great to play with!  I feel like I keep saying the same things over and over but she's just offering so much more every time we're together!  She's keen to put her feet on things now - if she doesn't know what I want or wants to impress me she'll try and put her foot on it!  Aspen was determined to stand on the barrel yesterday, which of course, kept rolling away as she tried.  So she followed it around with her foot in the air trying to get it on there.  Too adorable! :)

I wasn't really playing with her at Liberty but she was loose in the arena and started walking away from me, I put a tiny bit of pressure on her from behind and she trotted off, spun around, and came galloping to me.  I dodged to the left, then to the right, and she began cutting back and forth with me all the while tossing her head and rearing up in the air.  She looked so beautiful with her mane flying up in the wind, her neck arched, and muscles flexing.  Wow! :)

Played a little with Z4 Driving, needs some work as she gets a little worried and tries to escape.  Z3-5 causes her to either be defensive or worried...

Had some good canter to trot transitions On-Line, good changes of direction, and a playful Figure-8!

Here are some more pictures from yesterday, enjoy!