The Draw

I am in the process of writing about the draw one has with their horse.  I'm posting my outline to generate some thoughts and feedback - if you'd like to share your input I'd love to hear it via comment or email at

  • What makes the draw?
  • Can horses escape pressure, work, or responsibility (partnership) by offering and/or insisting on drawing in?  Therefore can a draw ever be evasive?  How about dominate? 
  • How do you test a real vs. artificial (evasive) draw?
  • In a herd environment (wild or domestic) is there ever an artificial draw? If not, could it be considered a learned behavior from humans?

  • Is there such a thing as too much draw? If so, what is an appropriate way to correct the balance without offending or scaring the horse?
  • What Horsenalities generally have the easiest / most difficult times with the draw?  Is one Horsenality more likely than another to develop an artificial draw?
  • If the draw is always pure, meaning there is no such thing as an artificial draw, than how do you rate or grade the draw and how to you improve the quailty (speed, consistency, length of time it lasts) of the draw?

  • Is it simply a matter of an elementary level draw compared to a more advanced (therefore more connected draw) that lasts longer?