Not Forgotten

I promise I haven't forgotten to post on here - unfortunately I've just been sick and the weather has been bad so between the two I haven't seen Aspen a lot in the last few days.  :(  Really hoping for this evil head cold to go away and then I'll also be ready for some beautiful sunshine!

I did go out to feed and groom her a couple days ago, by the time I got there it was terribly windy so I brought Aspen into the barn.  Who knew she'd get so emotional about this?!  She could barely eat her oats because she was pacing around, listening to her pasture mate call for her, and generally just really nervous.  I closed the barn doors and brushed her while she ate then let her wander around while I did a little sweeping and such.  It was the first time I've seen her really curious about things and really become more extroverted.  When I brought her outside I decided to let her graze a little around the barn and holy smokes, she was snorting and prancing while trying to eat at the same time. 

I've seen Aspen go a little RBE when spooked or bothered by something but quickly come down from it and generally I felt like she was innately more introverted...but since that afternoon seeing her really come out of her shell when stimulated and reflecting on our time together I'm wondering if she's simply more of a mild extrovert?  I'm really confused here.  I've had a lot of horses that fit neatly into one category or another on the horsenality chart... I see a lot of characteristics in Aspen that fit in all 4 quadrants of the chart, but I want to say she's mild in all of those.  I'm going to re-post a chart for her and then do a little more contemplating :)

A close up of an earlier photo.  Love her face :)