Broken Yo-Yo (Monday the 21st)

I am a little late in posting for my time with Aspen on Monday!  Everything went well - very excited to see her today!  The thing I really took away from Monday was in regards to our Yo-Yo game.  I've noticed On-Line she'll tend to not go back straight, some of this I attribute to a lack of confidence and the other part to her assuming I'm going to send her somewhere.  It's not a lot of crookedness but it's some.  When I tried to Yo-Yo her back just a step or two in the round pen at Liberty it was a big surprise to me when she couldn't go back one single step without trying to leave on a circle.  Without my rope there as a crutch she couldn't make any backward motion without going out on the circle.  It definitely didn't seem like a lack of confidence here, but rather Aspen simply assuming she needed to go somewhere.  Ugh.  How could I have missed it for so long?!  I suppose that's the beauty of Liberty because once you remove the ropes you have nothing left but the truth.  And my truth for Monday was a broken Yo-Yo! :( 

So I plan on fixing that with more Friendly and more plain old go out and draw backs - no sending until she doesn't assume that's the pattern.  *Slapping forehead right now*  Argh, I know better.  If you can create positive habits and patterns in a horse, so you can create negative ones as well.  It's beautiful and sunny out today so hopefully I'll get some good photos and have good things to write later!