Mission Complete! Aspen is HOME!

We got back to Dillon at 1:30am last night after a LONG day of driving!  Aspen was a total dream to haul especially considering it was only her second trailer ride.  She was quiet and calm for the whole trip, cleaned up close to 5 flakes of hay and even drank some water during our fuel stops.  I can honestly say she is the quietest horse I've ever had in a trailer.  We unloaded in pitch black on the road since we couldn't get the trailer up next to the barn and not only did she step out of the trailer like a lady but was completely relaxed heading up to, and walking through, the barn.  As we went inside she had this look on her face that said "home sweet home!"

I turned her out in the front paddock today with the donkey so we can feed her heavier than the other horses because she has to put on some weight.  We opened the gate between the paddock and the arena so she could stretch her legs on good footing and meet the rest of the horses in the pasture (the arena sits between the pasture and paddock).  I took some great shots of her trotting back and forth enjoying being able to run around and meet her new donkey pal and over-the-fence friends.  When I was ready to head back to the barn to grab her blanket she saw me walking away from across the arena and trotted over, promptly following me out of the arena and through the paddock, and waited at the gate for me to come back with her blanket.  Very sweet! :o)  Can't wait to build up her body condition and get to playing with her!

 Pictures of her in the trailer and then this morning in her stall eating breakfast!

Feels so good! Who wants to be clean anyway?!

Look at that girl move!