I am licensed by Parelli Natural Horsemanship to teach Levels 1 - 4 in On Line (with a rope), Liberty (without a rope), and FreeStyle (riding).

Private Lessons 65/hour
Lessons are with 1 or 2 students for up to 2 hours, helping with specific horsemanship goals.

Group Lessons 55/hour per person
Group lessons are with 3 - 6 students for up to 3 hours, following a predetermined curriculum.

Workshops 100/day per person
Workshops are with 3 - 6 students for up to 6 hours/day for 1 - 2 days, taught about a specific topic.  Interested in hosting a Workshop?  Contact me!  Hosts that fill a Workshop participate FREE! 

Horseless Workshops 65/day
Horseless Workshops are with up to 10 students for up to 6 hours/day for 1 - 2 days, topic specific.

Kids Camps 100/day
Kids Camps are actually the same format as Workshops but are geared for kids only and will include both horse and non-horse time!  Typically kids camps include snacks and crafts.

Video Success Coaching 25/video
Send up to a 10 minute video of you and your horse and get personalized feedback for you and your horse.

Travel Fees
Travel fees may be applied depending on your location.  Please inquire at time of booking.



Horse Play - priced like Private Lessons
I am not licensed by Parelli to train horses, however, if you're interested in having me play with and exercise your horse independently of my Parelli status, please inquire.

Horse/Pet Sitting
Horse and pet sitting available in the western Washington area.  Please inquire for rates and availability. 

Dynamite Specialty Products
I am a Dynamite Distributor - home of the finest, holistic approach to horse health.  If you're ready to take your horse's health to the next level, contact me!   

Social Media, Copy Writing, Marketing
In 2014 I joined the team at Parelli Central in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  I managed all of their social media platforms, wrote for Savvy Times, helped design and organize the new Savvy Club site, as well as wrote copy and participated in marketing campaigns.  I am available for consulting in any of these areas for your growing business.  



Cash, check, PayPal, and now accepting all major credit cards! 

Cards are subject to a 3% processing fee.     Proof of Parelli   license & insurance upon request.

Cards are subject to a 3% processing fee.  
Proof of Parelli license & insurance upon request.